Vechicle Fuel Delivery

GPS Tire offers fuel delivery and is partnered with many roadside clubs like AAA, Good Sam, All State and more.

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  • Any Location in New Mexico
  • Covering The State Of New Mexico
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GPS Tire, based in Socorro, New Mexico, has expanded its services to include fuel delivery, meeting the needs of its customers with a high level of service and reliability. This new addition to their repertoire is a testament to their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to their customers. GPS Tire is not only known for its 24/7 availability but also for its partnerships with various roadside clubs like AAA, Good Sam, All State, and more. These partnerships allow GPS Tire to offer a wide range of services, ensuring that customers are well taken care of, whether they need a tire change, a battery replacement, or a fuel delivery. GPS Tire's fuel delivery service is a valuable addition to their existing tire sales and services, making them a one-stop solution for all vehicle-related needs in New Mexico.